My First Mesh Head


I have always been one of “those” people who ran to try the latest new release from designers, whether it be skin, shape or mesh parts. So, when the mesh head craze came out I wasn’t all that into it. Why? You may ask, at first I just didn’t want to be bothered having to deal with another mesh body part. As time passed and more mesh heads came out, my curiosity was piqued a little more so I looked into them a little more and asked questions to people that I knew had and actually wore them what they thought and how they like them. The main complaint that I heard was that you couldn’t modify your facial features, well that made up my mind for me, that was the whole fun in playing with your modifiable shapes was that you could make your avi distinguishable and not look like a cookie cutter of everyone else. Then came the Bento mesh head and NOW you can change your facial features, I was soooo excited that I ran ( rather tp’d) to my nearest catwa store to have a look. Imagine my surprise at the price tag, ( L 5,000 ) my poor avi about fell over! Now I understand that this is the next best thing in having a more realistic avi but it was just pricey enough to be out of my range. Shrugging my shoulders I figured I will just stick with my normal modify shapes, little did I know that everything is going towards the new mesh heads and that things like makeup, eyes, and eyelashes are becoming hard to come by for the old school avis. I was reading Strawberry Singh’s blog and came across several blogs about mesh heads, so being my curious self ( nice way to say nosey) I read those blogs and looked at the videos that she provided. Knowing that I wasn’t going to get the lastest Bento head, I began to look further into the stactic heads. Now I know what your going to say, It’s not modifiable! No, it’s not but after looking at Strawberry’s videos and seeing the different skins on the heads I was pleased at how different the looks can be with different skin makers and colors of the skins as well, along with different brow and hair colors. To my surprise, it took me a couple of days and several demos later to realize that I was happy with the different looks that I could get with a static mesh head. With both feet I jumped in a purchased Skye by Catwa, I’m very happy with the decision and will be going back to purchase a couple more. So, have I changed my mind about wanting a modifiable face? No, I haven’t but until I find the “ONE ” face that I can’t live without that I can modify, I will be happy with my static heads and will make the most of my different looks with skins, makeup, etc.

HEAD: Catwa – Skye ( Static Head )

SKIN: Amara Beauty – Priya ( Peach ) Catwa Applier

HAIR: DeLa – Kirsty ( Dark Browns ) Mesh Hair

EYES: AVI GLAM: Reflection Eyes ( Mesh ) Amber

LASHES: DOPE DESIGNS – Volumissima Lashes for Catwa Mesh Head



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