A Day Out With My Friend

A day out with my friend- Rally 2 Rescue_001GIMPED

I love all dogs but my favorite is the Staffy. I own one in RL and was excited to see that I could have one is SL as well. Now I know that some people may not like this particular breed because of the bad press about them. I’m not here not change your mind but I would like to give you something to think about. To start, the staffies were bred to be “nanny” dogs. That’s right they babysat the children of royalty so they are great around kids. Staffies LOVE people and want to please them and with the wrong owner that can lead to the dog being put in bad situations. Staffies & Pitbulls get a bad rap from the irresponsible and downright mean owners that these poor dogs have had the bad luck to get. I truly believe that there is no bad breed just bad owners. That’s why I am doing this blog today to tell the SL community about a great charity called Rally 2 Rescue. It raises money to help abused and abandoned dogs. The outfit, shoes and pose that is pictured are all from the Rally 2 Rescue event that runs till March 20th. Please stop by and support this great cause.

Outfit: Shirt – PST – Let’s Be Friends @ Rally 2 Rescue

Jeans – PST – Worn Skinny Jeans – Dog Lovin @ Rally 2 Rescue

Shoes: Ahroun Designs – Betty Sneakers @ Rally 2 Rescue

Pose: Fashiowl – My Lovely Pitbull @ Rally 2 Rescue


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