Pitbulls are lovers not Fighters

Pitbulls are lovers not fighters- Rally 2 Rescue_001GIMPED

Our third event!! Rally 2 Rescue
We are a non-profit animal welfare group composed of innovative dog minded people committed to the philosophy of people helping animals and animals helping people.
March 1st – March 20th 2017

We have chosen to be a voice for Pit Bulls and their persecution, but we believe it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of ALL abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. Rescues are often these animals, last and only hope.
Help Us Save Them!

Top: Honey B’s – Pitbull Top @ Rally 2 Rescue

Tattoo: [ PU ] – Bonny Tattoo ( Unisex ) @ Rally 2 Rescue

Jewelry: Baubles by Phe – Heartpaw choker & earrings @ Rally 2 Rescue

Pose: Fashiowl – My lovely Pitbull @ Rally 2 Rescue


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