A New Orleans Night


I have always wanted to go to New Orleans, being a huge vampire lover it’s home to one of my favorite vampire authors Anne Rice and it is home to my favorite vampires the Mikaelson’s from the Originals. It’s also known for it’s cuisine, music ( after all it is the birthplace of jazz) and it’s most famous festival Mardi Gras which dates back to the french colonial times.

New Orleans is often said to be the most unique place in the United States and I would agree even having never been there. The mix of cultures and history gives it a mysterious air, which is why I chose this dress from DE Boutique to wear while exploring SL New Orleans. Ava is a blazer dress that I felt gives a note of mystery, It’s short length will make people guess whether your wearing it as a dress or blazer. The thigh high boots add that extra special sexiness that if your lucky you just might attract a good looking vampire to be your guide.


Outfit: DE Boutique – Ava Blazer Dress

Boots: DE Boutique – CeCe Boots

Jewelry: [ HJ ] – Persephone Moss in Gold Petite – Necklace & Earrings

Hair: Truth – HoneyAna


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