Waiting For My Knight In Shining Armor

Waiting for my Knight in Shining Armor

As a little girl my mom would read to me the classic fairy tales where the girl would get her prince. When I became a teenager I would devour books about Lords and Ladies and of course the handsome Knight! Now that I’m a grown woman, I have found my knight in shining armor and he has whisked me off to live happily ever after, but for people with cancer they are waiting for their knight in shining armor to come.

The UAC Medieval Faire is where you will find clothes, furniture and accessories that will allow you to live like Lords and Ladies in SL all while benefiting RFL. I am wearing a dress from JMK called The Lady Golden Dress with it’s body hugging bodice and lovely little details from the buttons to the lace trim will most certainly make you feel like the Lady of the house.

Please stop by and make yourself at home with food, fun and music and let’s bring that knight in shining armor in the form of a cure to our friend and family who suffer with cancer.



Dress: JMK _ The Lady Golden Dress

Necklace: HHVET Victoriana – Peaceful Harvest Necklace

Hair: DeLa – Fiona


Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38) presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, running from May 19 though June 18, 2017. The faire, similar to a real world “Ren Faire”, offers medieval tournaments in jousting, sword play, magic, archery, and horse racing. There are over 50 merchants supporting Relay For Life, each featuring items that will be sold for 100% profit to Relay. On the entertainment front, a dozen live performers and many DJs are all donating their time and talents to Relay For Life. Don’t miss this exciting month-long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, or enjoy live musicians and dj sets!

EVENT WEBSITE: http://www.uacmedievalfairerflofsl.com/
EVENT SCHEDULE: www.uacmedievalfairerflofsl.com/schedule


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